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Hmm, so I'm new.

Hello all. I'm a newbie here. XD
I'm from Jacksonville Florida. I'm 15--16 in about 3 weeks. My three favorite bands are (in no particular order): My Chemical Romance, Incubus, and the Rasmus. Some bands/artists I've seen live are Weird Al Yankovic (twice), Chevelle, Papa Roach, Skindred, Saliva, Future Leaders of the World, Authority Zero (those six at PlanetFest), and N'Sync--I'm not afraid to admit I had a teenie-bopper-boy-band phase. And on February 20th I'm going to Taste of Chaos. :)
I like to think that my musical tastes are eclectic. I don't stay in one genre.
Well, I'm a music addict. I'm constantly listening to something, and if there's the off chance that I'm not, I've probably got a song stuck in my head.
So I guess that's it.

Much luff,
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