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Hey guyz, I've noticed the lack of posts so here we go...

I'm really excited because on March 10th Atreyu, Unearth, and Underoath are coming to Michigan... I've been wanting to Atreyu forever and haven't been to a concert in forever... okay more like a couple months but to me that's a long time! and on the 11th the Taste of Chaos Tour: the Used, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage & More and the 12th Slipknot both at cobo arena!! the only problem is my lack of $$cashflow$$ right now... :( but we'll see... any awesome shows coming near any of u??


anyone kno any info on smile empty soul - are they going to tour again sometime soon or new cd??? i saw them with strata and trapt.... ah smile empty soul defiantely rox my world!
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